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In April 2017, in conjunction with Redesigning Pedagogy International Conference organised by National Institute of Education, Singapore (NIE), Marshall Cavendish

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student group work
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Introduction Singapore is today regarded as a high-performing education system, and going by the 2015 PISA Assessment, perhaps the best

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girl reading with a smile on her face
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Countless studies done over the years have proven that frequent, voluminous reading is the one single activity that consistently correlates

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Learn grammar and vocabulary as a whole
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This topic pretty much begs the question – why? Why the need for a duel between Batman and Superman, when

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Model Method VS Algebra Method
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Solving Mathematics Word Problems In Singapore secondary schools, students are expected to use algebraic methods and equations to solve problems. It

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teacher and students discussing about geography
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The cross-disciplinary approach to teaching and learning has been gaining some attention lately and in one way or another, popularised

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boy watering plants learning about cycles in science lesson
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It is almost impossible to be a good thinker but a poor questioner. Questioning and answer-seeking drive our thoughts, and

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using social media in learning
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Using Social Media in LearningThe world is changing at a much faster pace than we have ever seen before. In

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skill sets from cross disciplinary teaching
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Science is all around us. Does this call for cross-disciplinary teaching? Science is part of almost every aspect of our lives.

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Algebra’s X-Factor: Why It Is Difficult To Learn AlgebraA comic strip from Maths 360 Secondary 2 textbook explains the use